Crossfields Institute Level 6 Diploma in the IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology

Qualification title

Crossfields Institute Level 6 Diploma in the IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology




This specialist qualification has been developed for those wishing to professionally deliver equine facilitated sessions in an individual and group context in the field of human development and psychotraumatology

Key features

    • Provides a solid foundation for learners to understand the many different presentations of trauma, and how to conduct a differential formulation process to determine the hierarchy of treatment and the trauma treatment model that is most appropriate.
    • Develops the skills to work with clients who have presentations of ASD, Trauma, mild PTSD and mild C-PTSD, to determine when equine activities are appropriate within a treatment process, to run trauma informed workshops and to be a reflective practitioner.
    • The IFEEL methodology accelerates transformational change through ‘implicit learning processes that are a direct felt experience’ and this develops high sensory awareness in individuals in order that any situation is dynamically assessed and outcomes are intelligently effected.

Entry requirements

    • Learners should be 21 or over
    • Written and spoken English is a crucial aspect of this qualification and prospective learners for whom English is an additional language will need to demonstrate a level of competence equivalent to IELTS score of 6 in order to be able to access the qualification’s content
    • Learners need to have completed the level 5 Diploma in Equine Facilitated Human Development with IFEEL or have completed a level 4 and above professional training in a counselling, psychotherapy, clinical psychology or related qualification, with a focus on working with clients.
    • Learners will need to evidence at least 50 hours of professional psychotherapeutic practice with clients post-graduation from a psychotherapeutic qualification.
    • Learners are required to complete a programme of personal development work with IFEEL within 6 months of starting this qualification. This is usually the equivalent of three workshop days or can be fulfilled through private sessions. How learners approach this personal development work should be approved by IFEEL faculty. This gives learners experience to draw on in their training, a chance for the faculty to meet and assess the learner’s suitability for the qualification and to act as a personal development opportunity for the learner
    • Learners must either own their own equine(s) or have routine access to a specific equine in order to practice with this equine throughout the qualification
    • Learners are required to have at least three years or 2,000 hours of equine experience. This experience can include owning horses, riding lessons, instructing and/or training etc.
    • Due to the physical and psychological demands of this qualification, learners will require a good level of physical ability, emotional stability and be prepared to approach their learning with personal maturity
    • Learners will be required to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check if planning to work with children or vulnerable adults
    • Before commencing case studies, learners are required to gain professional indemnity insurance and professional membership to a recognised body, for example the BACP, NCP, UKCP or NCS

Guided learning hours


Total qualification time




Study method

Blended, full or part time, face-to-face and distance learning as well as independent study.

How long does it take?

12 months part time recommended. The programme should be completed in a maximum of 2 years following registration.


Portfolio of evidence
Qualification specification

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