Crossfields Institute Level 7 Diploma in Integrative Healthcare

Qualification title

Crossfields Institute Level 7 Diploma in Integrative Healthcare




This qualification aims to develop the theoretical and practical knowledge, critical and analytic abilities and the professional and reflective practice of health care professionals to help them transform health care into a more effective and compassionate practice that respects the individual as a whole person

Key features

    • The qualification will provide opportunities for students:
    • To develop and maintain a sound knowledge of Integrative Medicine (IM) and a critical and enquiring approach to a variety of therapeutic interventions and their use in a range of common conditions.
    • To have developed the knowledge and skills to respond to the needs of contemporary patients, wishing to use a variety of approaches in the management of their health, e.g. in managing chronic illness, and maintaining wellness across different phases of their life
    • To have developed self-confidence and skills in holistic assessment such that they can help patients towards maintaining health, personal resilience, and self-empowerment.
    • To be able to deal with the rigours of contemporary working environments through self-reflection, personal resilience, and self-care.
    • To have developed confidence and skills to assist Health Care Professionals to manage and communicate changes towards Integrative Healthcare (IH) in their clinical practice.
    • To understand the importance of planning and evaluation in the development of holistic integrated practice.
    • Contribute to a network of practitioners with a knowledge of practice-based research and its role in evidence informed integrative medicine.
    • Participate in a community of practice that helps to redefine the concept of health as contextual, communal and connected to nature.

Entry requirements

    1. Candidates should ideally be statutory registered health professionals in the country in which they practice.

      however, admission will be considered if:

      a) the candidate has been registered with a professional body (i.e. GMC or GNC) within the last 5 years prior to taking the qualification.
      b) the candidate is a Complementary Medicine (CM) practitioner who holds a degree, a minimum Level 4 diploma in their field of CM provision, is a member of a professional association in their field of CM provision, has a commitment to working within an IM model and has two years of clinical practice in their chosen CM field

    2. Candidates for this qualification must already hold a BSc in a health-related area (or portfolio evidence of higher levels of study).

    3. Candidates for whom English is not their first language will require evidence of proficiency in written and spoken English to IELTS 6 or equivalent.

Guided learning hours


Total qualification time




Study method
Blended part time. High level of independent study.

How long does it take?

2 years part time


Portfolio of evidence

Qualification specification

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