Crossfields Institute Level 7 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Osteopathy

Qualification title

Crossfields Institute Level 7 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Osteopathy


603/5827/0 (Diploma) 603/5828/2 (Extended Diploma)


This qualification was developed in response to the changing market and emerging regulatory requirements for osteopaths. It will provide accreditation that meets internationally agreed best practice standards for trainee osteopaths from various countries, as developed and delivered by the European School of Osteopathy. It is primarily designed for professionals qualified in a medically related discipline. These are most likely to be qualified physiotherapists but may be nurses, midwives, medical doctors and veterinarians

Key features

    • Prepares learners for employment as an osteopath
    • Supports the role of an osteopath in the workplace
    • Ensures that practitioners meet the professional standards for osteopaths as specified in the country in which they work.
    • Provides learners with opportunities for professional development – osteopathic practice/teaching/research

Entry requirements

    • A prior professional qualification of relevance such as physiotherapy, nursing, midwifery, veterinary and human medicine. Other qualifications with a scientific background will be considered. Manual therapists may be considered on a case by case basis depending on their scientific knowledge and professional training.
    • If English is not the first language, proof of spoken and written English at a level equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or above will be required.
    • Learners must demonstrate a potential for autonomous study to be able to achieve this qualification

Guided learning hours

980 (Diploma) 1,040 (Extended Diploma)

Total qualification time

4,900 (Diploma) 5,200 (Extended Diploma)


490 or 520

Study method

Blended, full or part time. High level of independent study.

How long does it take?

4 years part time


Portfolio of evidence, Practical Examination

Qualification specification

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